TVA Consulting offers a cornucopia of programs, resources, and consulting services to cover all areas of nonprofit formation, program development, strategic planning, funding, management, and infrastructural needs.

All of our services can be packaged and tailored to meet the individual needs of your nonprofit organization.

Below you will find a list of the services we offer along with a brief description:


We assist individuals that identify a deficit in their community and are willing to do the hard but rewarding work to fill the void, with the non-profit start-up and formation process. We will prepare a business plan and strategic plan that will serve as an operational blueprint for your organization and get you funding. We coach you through filling out the IRS Form 1023 and 501(c)(3) application process, or we can do it for you. We can also work with you in the following areas.


  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Development
  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising
  • Organizational Development
  • Community Partnership
  • And much more . . .

The business plan is different from the strategic plan.  The business plan answers the who, what, when, where, and why.  The business plan process focuses on areas such as the nonprofit’s mission and vision, the role of the board, external environmental factors, fundraising, etc.  It also concentrates on the future risks that may occur.  Do you need one to attain sustainability and start your organization off on the right foot, absolutely?


A great strategic plan is an operating manual that can transform a nonprofit organization. It is the “how” of the organizational procss.  This document can be used to engage your board members, prioritize spending, synchronize your programs, and set goals that will inspire your donors and volunteers. The strategic is, in essence, the master plan for a well ran nonprofit organization.  It can be used to catapult your organization to unprecedented success.


If you are considering starting a nonprofit or you are already managing one, having a clear and precise program in place is essential to the organization’s success.  A well-written program gives donors and funders an insight into the effectiveness of the organization’s use of human, financial, and programmatic resources.

Program development allows you to clearly define the services your organization will be providing to the community.

It tells how, when and by whom the services will be provided.  It details why the services are being offered and expected outcomes.  These programs are usually accompanied by workbook and assessment for data collection.


We offer grant/proposal writing packages which include writing grant proposals, researching grant opportunities, debriefing on rejected proposals, fund management, strategic planning, and fundraising management. We write and submit grants and application packages based on its specifications to federal, government, and corporate entities. We work cooperatively and collaboratively with the staff to ensure that we satisfy the needs of your organization while building a lasting relationship focused on the optimal success of your grant program. We offer a six-month and twelve-month retainer plan for your convenience. For more detailed information click here.

  • Grant Research

We will proofread and edited any pre-existing grant proposals before you turn them in to be review by grantors. Turning in proposals with errors could significantly decrease its chances of being approved for funding.

  • Proofreading and Editing

We will proofread and edited any pre-existing grant proposals before you turn it in to be review by grantors. Turning in proposals with errors could significantly decrease its chances of being approved for funding.


Fundraising events are crucial to and organizations public awareness and donor revenue.  We can help you create a semi-annual or annual event that will place your organization in direct alignment with your community donors.

  • Product Fundraising
  • Special Events
  • In-Kind Gifts
  • Grants
  • Online Fundraising
  • Annual Giving

We will conduct an organizational assessment to determine your organization’s readiness for funding using my “GRANPAE” (Grant Readiness and Nonprofit Assessment and Evaluation). If your organization is not ready, we will implement a mutually agreed upon step-by- step strategic plan to bring the organization into compliance.


We will assist with recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding, and training of the Board of Director’s, staff, and volunteers. We will create employee and volunteer handbooks, assessment criteria, and other aspects associated with getting your organization operational.


Training the Board of Directors, Volunteer Coordinator, Program Manager, ect., on strategies, skills, and concepts through best practices to accomplish profitability, sustainability, and compliance.  These training can be done remotely or in-person depending on the topic.


We assist organizations with making sure that they are projecting an image of professionalism to attract donors and give the organization credibility. We will create visually appealing websites, logos, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, content, and photo shoots.  We can even help with build and manage your social media platforms. 


I would be happy to work holistically with you to help build and grow a profitable, sustainable, compliant, and successful nonprofit organization.