Education and Program Consulting

Education and Program Consulting

Education and Program Consulting

Curriculum Development

We work with the public, private, and independent individuals to develop comprehensive, detailed curriculum for

afterschool programs, Saturday Academies, Response to Intervention (RTI), and tutorial programs. We employ research-

based concepts and strategies to decrease underperformance. The formation of the curriculum is a collaborative effort to

ensure that it meets the school, and district’s needs focusing on practical instruction, climate, culture, data use, and

curriculum and assessment alignment. These curriculums are strategically constructed to improve test by 20%-30%+.


As part of our services, we will offer staff member(s) training for the delivered curriculum. The length of the training

varies depending on the depth of the curriculum.

Proofreading |Editing |Copyrighting

We will proofread and edited any preexisting content you created before publishing. We make sure that your documents

are error free to present a professional image. We ensure that your educational materials are in compliance with state and

national standards, has clear learning standards and objectives, and is rigorous and relevant.