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About the business

About the business

TVA Consulting effectively assists organizational growth and wealth through the creation and implementation of well-rounded and comprehensive strategic planning, education, and training that supports the organization’s mission, vison, and core values. We take the time to develop a relationship with our clients to learn about their organization's goals, infrastructure, challenges, processes, and funding needs, to reach their pinnacle of success. Our mission? To bring decisive change to communities by helping nonprofit organizations build and grow sustainable, profitable, and compliant infrastructures through education and training to accomplish their mission and realize their vision. “We help you put the pieces together to make sense.”

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THE Non-Profit University

Are you ready to gain the knowledge that will allow you to change the world by starting a nonprofit organization while making a great living? Not sure if you can make a living as the founder of a nonprofit; here are some facts. There are 1,097,689 public charities and 105,030 private foundations in the U.S. that accounted for 9.2% of all wages and salaries paid in the United States in 2010. (Source: The Nonprofit Almanac, 2012) Join The Non-Profit University TODAY!!

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Not-For-Profit vs. For-Profit

What’s the difference you ask? Simple! Nonprofits are started to perform a variety of community-based services such as education, charity, and religious. They can make any sum of money necessary to sustain the organization throughout the year but any surplus at the end of the year must be recycled into to organization. For-profit organizations perform a variety of legitimate business services that earn the owners a profit. When there is a surplus of money at the end of the year, that surplus is split between the shareholders as profit.

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